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Our Mission

  • To study the culture of succulents under local conditions.
  • To strive to use the correct scientific nomenclature for succulents.
  • To study the use of succulents in landscape and home gardening.
  • To aid in civic projects involving succulents and promote protection of native species.
  • To aid and give assistance to educators, to the members, and to the general public, thereby furthering the knowledge of succulents.

For a small example of this last item, please visit our Horticulture Page for Cactus and Pest Control tips.  More importantly, we also sponsor live educational programs in our gardens several times throughout the year.  To learn more about our educational outreach, please subscribe to our newsletter, below, or watch our Sales Details page for the latest programming information.)


The Sarasota Succulent Society was started in 1950 by an industrious and interested group of people who knew, worked and studied with Walter G. Sparkman at his home, a small house on 38th Street next to a creek. Mr. Sparkman started many individual gardens in his yard and carefully filled them with succulent plants from around the world--which he studied and watched carefully to see if they could grow in Sarasota.

After his students began to fill the yard with more and more families of plants, he suggested they form a club and buy more property--the lot next door had come on the market. They did so, and when the drainage ditch was dug, along the site of the creek, the rock and sand removed was left in piles on the bank on the Succulent Society property. These rocks and berms were incorporated into the gardens and have made a rolling property from a very flat section of west central Florida.

The Succulent Society property runs from 38th Street south to Myrtle and extends from Cocoanut east to the drainage canal. Mr. Sparkman's depression era style home was awarded a local Historical Designation by the City of Sarasota. We use it as our clubhouse.

Legal Status:  Charitable Organization

The Sarasota Succulent Society is incorporated under the laws of the State of Florida and it is registered with the federal Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization.

We have a Scholarship Program for local college students and we regularly offer free educational programs in our gardens. Please contact our president for details about the many convenient ways you can make a tax deductible contribution to our efforts.


We would be delighted to have you become a member of the Society! All new members are warmly welcomed, regardless of their prior experience (or lack thereof) with succulent plants.  Learn more about how to apply for a new membership (or submit your renewal) here.

Volunteer Opportunities

We are always looking for new volunteers to bring fresh energy and new ideas to our organization.  Although volunteering is not a requirement for membership, the Society depends 100% on its volunteers to function.  As a member, or prospective member, we ask you to please consider helping maintain the vigor of the Society.  We think you will find the work enjoyable and personally rewarding.  Please visit our Volunteering Page to learn more.

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Officers:   June 2022 — May 2023

Elected Officers:
President ............ Susan Palmieri
Vice President ............ Jennifer Rodgers
Secretary ............ Volunteer!
Treasurer ............ Pat Becker
Newsletter Editor ............ Volunteer!


Susan Palmieri, Wilda Meier

Board of Directors:
Elected Officers, Horticulturist, and Curators