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A Special Message From Our President

As many of you know, the Sarasota Succulent Society's gardens and greenhouses were ransacked on Thanksgiving Day. At a time when family and friends gather to give thanks for all that we have, cowardly and thoughtless criminals acted to steal from a wholly volunteer-operated, not-for-profit organization with a proud 70-year history of plant conservation, education, and public service to our larger community.

Beyond damage to facilities, countless plants were stolen, including rare specimens taken from our display houses. The Sarasota Police Department has been wonderful and is undertaking a full investigation. I want to thank the many individuals and nurseries who have already donated and volunteered to help us recover from this unfortunate event. We will keep you informed of progress.

Going forward, there are several ways friends of the Society can help the Gardens recover:

•  Should you go to eBay or any other online plant sales outlets, or visit local plant markets, please be on the lookout for specialty succulents without detail as to origin. Likewise, be observant of random plants with plastic SSS tags. Do not confront the vendor but feel free to call Sarasota Police Department's Criminal Investigation Division (941-263-6073) with reference to the Thanksgiving day burglary.

•  Should you employ a landscape service or know individuals in the industry, please share word of the SSS Gardens crime in an effort to broaden awareness.

•  The Gardens are never without a need for volunteer service. Loyal workers have labored hard and long to restore order, repair facilities, and propagate new plant stock. Should your schedule allow, please join us. The Gardens are open on Mondays from 9:00 am to noon and the same hours on the first and third Saturdays of each month.

•  Please consider a financial contribution to the newly-established Sarasota Succulent Society Gardens Restoration Fund. As always, 100 percent of all fully tax-deductible charitable contributions are used exclusively in support of the Society's initiatives. The need has never been greater, especially as the Society is now forced to invest in improved security. Gifts are best made through our GoFundMe Page, or by traditional check made payable to the Sarasota Succulent Society and mailed to the Gardens at 1310 38th St., Sarasota, FL 34234.

People who appreciate horticulture understand the remarkable ability and power of plants to grow, reproduce and flourish. Despite adversity, the Sarasota Succulent Society will emerge from the Thanksgiving 2020 episode stronger and even more adherent to its important mission. We look forward to your renewed commitment.

Please be in touch with any questions you may have or with other ways you’d like to support the Society. From all of us at Sarasota Succulent Society Gardens, thank you for your concern and well wishes.

Jason Stockman
President and Volunteer

1310 38th Street
Sarasota, Florida
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Our grounds are
during our three big
Annual Sales.
Please visit our
Sales Page for details.

Our grounds are
during our gardening
Work Days:
Monday Mornings,
from 9:00 to noon,
and on the first &
third Saturdays
of every month,
from 9:00 to noon.

Gardening sessions
may be canceled
without public notice
due to issues with
the weather and/or
volunteer availability.

Before planning a trip
to the Gardens,
we recommend visiting
our Facebook "Events"
page [ here ]. Our
volunteers try to keep
that page up to date
with current information
about when the Gardens
will be open, or not.
(You do not need to be
a Facebook user to
view the information
displayed there.)

All of our regular meetings are open to non-members and you are invited.

We meet on the first Tuesday of each month, October through May,
(excluding December)
at 7:00 P.M. in the Clubhouse of the
Sarasota Garden Club.

1131 Blvd of the Arts,
Sarasota, Florida.
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Plant Sales

All of our big annual sales have been temporarily suspended, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

You may, however, still visit the Gardens and purchase plants during one of our "gardening workday sessions" -- which we have not suspended.

Please see the sidebar on this page for important information about scheduling your visit to one of our Gardening Workdays.

Easily Find Us

Sale Day and Work Day visitors now have a new sign to help them find us when approaching from the north. Thanks to our gracious and artistic neighbors to the east, Cathie Carol Zurich-Wus and her husband Mike, we now have a beautiful new sign on the north-west corner of our Gardens.

Succulent Society Signage
Signage compliments of Cathie Carol Zurich-Wus and her husband Mike.

Over the past few years, Cathie has created several beautiful hand painted signs for us — each one clearly an investment of considerable time and expense — but, happily for us, each one always without charge to the Society.

The next time you visit the Gardens take a look at the signage on the corner of Myrtle Street and Cocoanut Avenue, on the Cocoanut Ave. gate, and (now) on the corner of Cocoanut and 38th Street. Cathie painted all of them and Mike did the installations. Mike also does the carpentry to create the interesting shapes for the artwork painted along the edges.

We think the these colorful hand-made signs deliver a happy and decorative vibe perfectly in tune with the welcoming and informal style of the Gardens. Thank you Cathie and Mike!

You can learn more about Cathie, and see a sampling of her inspiring creations, here: (scroll down to see the slide show.)


Visitors are always welcome!  We are easy to find and easy to join.  Please refer to the “Discover Us” and “Join Us” box on this page for times and locations.

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Everyone is eligible to join the Society! All new members are always warmly welcomed, regardless of their prior experience with succulent plants (or lack thereof). Use the following link to learn more about how to apply for a new membership or renew an existing one:

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Our Scholarship Program is designed to help students interested in botany and related fields.  Support for the program comes from you — our wonderful members, friends, and guests — by way of your Plant Sale purchases and/or your generous (tax-deductible) donations.

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Advertised Sales

Admission is free to our 3 annual sales. Visitors are encouraged to stroll our main greenhouse as well as the rest of the grounds. In addition to bargain plant prices, our annual sales also feature an outdoor educational program, courtesy of one of our many local horticultural experts.

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Work Day Sales

We encourage you to visit to our Gardens on one of our gardening workdays, held from 9:00 am to noon every Monday, year 'round, and on the 1st & 3rd Saturdays of every month, also from 9:00 am to noon.

Please note that these sessions are subject to cancellation, without public notice, due to weather conditions or the absence of available volunteers. Both situations are quite rare, but worth noting if you will be traveling from afar.

Before planning your trip to the Gardens, we recommend a quick visit to our Facebook "Events" page [ here ]. Our volunteers try to keep that page up to date with current information about when the Gardens will be open, or not. You do not need to be a Facebook user to view the information displayed there.

A Great Idea

We are looking for Active members to come out and physically work in the gardens. Do you live in a Condo or Apartment and miss hands-on contact with the soil?   Join Us!!