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You Are Invited to Join The Society

We would be delighted to have you become a member of the Society!  All new members are warmly welcomed, regardless of their prior experience (or lack thereof) with succulent plants.


Society members are expected to have an interest in succulent plants. That's it!. We have no other requirements for membership (other than, of course, the payment of your dues).


  • Society members have an opportunity to work outdoors with succulent plants.
  • Society members take pride in owning and maintaining the Society's Gardens.
  • Society members gain enjoyment from exchanging information about succulent plants with other members and with non-member visitors to the Gardens.
  • Society members gain a sense of satisfaction and pride from knowing they are helping support the Society's Scholarship Program.
  • Society members gain exposure to the interesting and educational programs presented at each of the Society's annual sales.
  • Society members receive a listing in, and a copy of, the Society's printed yearbook.
  • Society members receive an automatic subscription to the Society's electronic newsletter.
  • Society members become healthy, wealthy, and wise. (Just kidding about the wealthy part.)

Membership Types and Dues

Individual Annual Memberships:

  • Dues:  $25.00, paid annually, on a calendar year basis.
  • This type of membership is available for anyone wishing to help support the Society on a year to year basis.  Dues received by the Society for individual memberships are deposited in the Society's general fund where they are used to help pay for the Society's educational outreach and the maintenance of the Gardens.
  • The first payment for an annual membership will be applied to the current calendar year — except when a new member joins during the last three months of the calendar year, in which case their first annual dues payment will also include a paid-up membership for the immediately following calendar year..

Lifetime Memberships:

  • Dues:  $250.00, paid once, at any time.
  • This category lets you avoid the need to make annual dues payments.  Lifetime Members may be either active or inactive participants in Society activities.  The money paid for a Lifetime Membership goes into the Society's Scholarship Fund.  Lifetime Membership payments may be income tax deductible.  (We are a federally registered charitable organization.)  There are absolutely no restrictions on who may become a Lifetime Member, or when.  Many applicants choose this option when first joining.

Membership Application Process

Application Form

  • Option #1:  Download our simple Application Form [ HERE ] (PDF, 1 page, 8.5 x 11, 67k.).
  • Option #2:  Alternatively, you can use an application form we have printed in our tri-fold brochure. You can find a copy of our brochure on a table inside our historic cottage on days when our Gardens are open for a sale or a work session. Also, on sale days, you can pick up a brochure from our Greeters Table as you enter the Gardens. Additionally, copies of our brochure are always available at any of our four annual business meetings.
  • Note:  When using either Application Form, please make sure your contact information is printed clearly, paying particular attention to the letter-by-letter readability of your name and email address.

Application Payment

  • When paying by check, make it payable to the "Sarasota Succulent Society".
  • Cash and credit cards will be accepted when you submit your application in person.

Application Delivery Options

  • By U.S.Mail:  Send your completed application and check to:  The Sarasota Succulent Society, 1310 38th St., Sarasota, FL 34234.
  • In Person:  Attend one of our regular meetings and introduce yourself to our Treasurer.
  • In Person:  Attend one of our workday sessions (held all year long, almost every Monday and third Saturday, from 9 to noon) and meet with one of our worker-bees.
  • In Person:  Attend one of our three major annual sales and meet with one of our sales volunteers.